things to say to Siri. Just did this entire list. LOL

100+ Funny Things to Say to Siri

things to say to Siri. the kids would love before handing over to the kids. Not all are appropriate for kids.

Sarah, Do you think we can get Lyla to wear this?

Be My Uncle | Baby One Piece | Funny Baby Onesies

Be my Uncle. Too cute! I love this. There are no single girls in the family but a few single boys. "see my uncle. do you want to be my aunt?

Awesome!!- I used to love this show!

Whose Line Is It Anyway. God I LOVE this show. Fond memories of a family holiday to Florida when we all watched it together

The Best of "Friends" bloopers -I literally have tears running down my face!

The Best of "Friends" Bloopers (when I need a laugh!) Nothing makes me laugh like Friends! This is so freaking funny!

I've used this to help me find my phone!

Can't find your phone? Just type your phone number in and this website calls you.


Dear life, tonight I want I would love to have a good night

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