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Lefaucheux Pinfire Guns and Ammunition

A continuous mixture of pinfire related items from my own collection and awesome items from elsewhere. Check out my blog and website at

Lefaucheux Pinfire Guns and Ammunition

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A rare "Eyraud" pin-fire revolver, France 3rd quarter 19th century.

This Delvigne Breech Loading Underhammer Deringer was Manufactured by Falisse Trapmann in Liège, Belgium. It follows Delvigne’s French patent, 12683, which was issued on 22 January 1852.

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9mm Pinfire Cartridge Box by Braun and Bloem

9mm Pinfire Cartridge Box by Braun & Bloem

9mm Pinfire Cartridge Box by Braun and Bloem

9mm Pinfire Cartridge Box by Braun & Bloem

9mm pinfire box by Rheinisch-Westfälischen Sprengstoff-Fabriken A.-G.

Pinfire Cartridge Boxes

Here are 4 variations of 12mm pinfire percussion adapters. These have a tapered “pin” to allow them to fit in an unmodified 12mm pinfire revolver. The screw on the bottom of the three, unscrews to allow cleaning by pushing something all the way through from the pin. These could be used with readily available caps and balls and powder when a supply of pinfire cartridges ran out.

The Cartridge Freedom Act

20 gauge pinfire shotshells manufactured by Eley Bros Ld. They date to the early 1900′s.

The Cartridge Freedom Act

12mm Belgian Pinfire Revolver

The Cartridge Freedom Act

Belgian 7mm Pinfire Revolver

7mm Spanish Pepperbox Pinfire Pistol

Belgian 7mm pinfire Pepperbox pistol

The Cartridge Freedom Act

12mm Lefaucheux Model 1854 converted to a Centerfire Revolver. This was possibly for the Danish military

Odd, probably one-of-a-kind, 12mm Pinfire Pistol.

The Cartridge Freedom Act

Lefaucheux Model 1854 Pinfire Revolver

2mm pinfire guns

15mm Pinfire Auxiliary Percussion Adapter and Pistol

The Cartridge Freedom Act

Adams & Lefaucheau pinfire revolver. Charles Fusnot, of Bruxelles, Belgium is the manufacturer of the cartridges: freemycollection....

Selection of Lefaucheux Pinfire Cartridges I uploaded for the pinfire page on Wikipedia

A rare variation of a shot load on one of the earliest pinfire cartridges. It was made by Jules Joseph Chaudun around 1845.

Cartridge board at the Dutch Police Museum. it was made by Staatsbedrijf der Artillerie-Inrichtingen and donated in 1920 to the now closed Genootschap voor een Politiemuseum. On the bottom it shows the 12mm ball load and shot load pinfire cartridges that were made for the Dutch Customs officials (grenscommiezen) at the borders.

10g pinfire alarm gun. The left side of the massive muzzle is marked "SALMON" inside a box with "DEPOSE" underneath. There is a large spring that acts as the hammer with a notched lever with a hole at the top as the trigger. There is a swiveling breechblock that has a smaller block on top to act as a safety.

Manufactured in Paris, France, this weapon combines a short bladed sword with a six-shot pepperbox revolver. 26 3/4 inches overall in length. The blade measures 18 1/2" long, with short double fullers leading to single fullers which run the rest of the length, panels of etched scrollwork on each side, an etched scene of a deer in the woods on the left ricasso and "ALFREDO HEROUARD/LIMA", the mark of a Portuguese agent and importer, on the right ahead of the revolver barrel.

Considered the signature arm of the Parisian underworld in the late 1800s, the Apache combines a double action revolver with folding knuckles and dagger blade. Construction is chiefly silver finished brass with the cylinder, blade and working parts in steel. L. DOLNE INVur is stamped under the serial number on the right side of the frame. Fitted to the left side of the frame is a 2 1/2 inch Kris-style dagger with the mainspring visible on the reverse.

Dolne Mark Apache Style Double Action Pinfire Knife Revolver

This is an example of a six-shot harmonica pistol with the Jarre maker marking featuring a lion stamped on the right barrel flat. The breech bar is numbered to the gun and slides to the left when the action is cycled. The pistol is fitted with nicely figured two-piece varnished grips that are numbered to the gun. A brass collection tag is affixed to the trigger guard with an adhesive sticker marked Christies East G-90. Provenance: The William Ashby Collection

Unique Jarre Pinfire Harmonica Pistol

Early Gevelot pinfire cartridges with a raised G on the tip of the bullet