CONCEPT 2 - The idea behind this one would be the "silhouette person stands on guard to face something" motif. We'd need to find a way to bring focus to the person, and I'm not sure what he'd be standing against (a cliff, a cloud, a monster, a fire, etc.?). This is more of a compositional and concept example, not an art style example (see Firewatch pins).

Jack Frost, the Guardian of Fun, and Queen Elsa, the Queen of Ice and Snow, both meet one night at the Royal Party that.

CONCEPT 2 - Another compositional/concept example for this concept.

Oblivion Poster – 2013 Movie Promo Flyer 11 x 17 Falls Teaser Promo Flyer to advertise the 2013 movie Oblivion starring Tom Cruise

CONCEPT 1 - *Love* this illustration/composition of the lion.

Big Cat ~ section / process for album cover

CONCEPT 2 - Another example of illustration style based on Firewatch. Notice the awesome subtle lighting/shading on the person.

The official soundtrack to Firewatch, composed by the brilliant Chris Remo, who has also did the score for Gone Home & Thirty Flights of Loving.

CONCEPT 2 - For art style on this concept, I'd love to see an illustrated style similar to this Firewatch artwork: limited color palette, clean type, relatively detailed in shading, but otherwise simple. I even like the warmer orange/red colors of both of these images.

Illustrator Olly Moss' beautiful artworks underpin the coolest game in the world right now - Digital Arts

CONCEPT 1 - For the center illustration, a lion in a pose like this would be killer, it would just need to match the illustration style of the rest of the piece.

head up, shoulders back.

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CONCEPT 1 - Simple illustration on solid color background. Text around center image. Ideally less grungy/handwritten than this, but this is a good general start. Special with this concept: Text on top should be series title ("Fearless Living"). Text on bottom should be "Be Fearless". The other concept won't have a tagline.


one of a few stickers I designed for Fearless Baking in Bend, Oregon