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I want to love you every single day. I want to hold your hand laugh at your jokes walk by your side snuggle on the couch look into your eyes talk about whatever and kiss your lips every single day

Homemade scratch off ticket

Funny pictures about DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Card. Oh, and cool pics about DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Card. Also, DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Card.

Things Pixar taught me.

Things Pixar taught me.

High five to all these kids! Hahaha soo awesome !

Amazing Reasons to Get Detention - I like the Hunger Games one the best. That or the one where the student corrected the teacher (after all, a mile IS longer than a kilometer) but got detention anyways.

I absolutely love this, because it's true.

why do i doubt that all these 'drake quotes' are things he's actually said. lol maybe i AM that smart girl. but i doubt any guy finds these smart girl qualities attractive unless they're hungry for the waffle.


Three things a guy should want to change about his girl is her last name, address and her viewpoint on men ~ Kid Cudi

mhmm mhmm!

Boy Meets World…

Every statistic that you throw at me is gonna be about other people. I don't care about other people, okay? I care about you and me. If every marriage failed except for one, I guarantee you that one would be ours" - Cory Matthews (Boy Meets World) awwwww♥

I need this picture in my car. My driving is horrendous, but everyone who has driven with me has gotten out alive. Maybe car sick, but alive.


Disney Challenge Day 21 (favorite quote): Oh my, where does one begin? Disney has so many great quotes, but I always seem to remember the wise words of Rafiki from The Lion King. Pretty good advice, for an animated film.

i have to get this.

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Smile, Sheldon... Wait... Stop! No!

Smile, Sheldon…

I love Sheldon Cooper. lol This is one of my favorite episodes, just for the look on Sheldon's face?

Big Bang Theory crossover

Funny pictures about When The Big Bang Theory meets Disney. Oh, and cool pics about When The Big Bang Theory meets Disney. Also, When The Big Bang Theory meets Disney.

the big bang theory funny quotes | he-is-so-zazzy-funny-quotes-from-the-big-bang-theory-by-sheldon-this ...

he-is-so-zazzy-funny-quotes-from-the-big-bang-theory-by-sheldon-this-little-guy-is-zazzles-i-was-going-to-name-him-herman-von-helholms- I love this

My best friend and I call each other every time this episode is on and immediately watch it

Sheldon gives Amy a tiara. LOVE this scene! :) "I'm a princess and this is my tiara!" Lol funniest scene of all time!

The big bang theory

Penny: "Hey Sheldon" Sheldon: "What can I do for you ladies?" Penny: "You have something we want" Sheldon: "Oh dear. My mother warned me this is what happened to pretty boys in the big city." - The Big Bang Theory

The Best Of Sheldon Cooper – 30 Pics

This is my favorite episode of the big bang theaory just because of this part. I crack up every time he pops out of the ball pit and says "bazinga"


Funny pictures about I'm That Guy. Oh, and cool pics about I'm That Guy. Also, I'm That Guy photos.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock explained!

Paper, Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock from the Big Bang Theory. I just might put this on a board. Or a t-shirt. Plz comment and decide which one!