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DIY Daisy Nails Tutorial on a Black Manicure | ...love Maegan


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When I was sick, such tender care & loving words were given. She kissed my forehead to check for a fever. Tucked me in bed & put a cool washcloth on my head ... 7-up for an upset tummy. Chicken noodle soup. If you had a cut... always neosporin & a bandaid, plus a kiss to make it feel better!

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& my mother is a button collector. . How appropriate (: ♥ how i feel about u mom your in heaven now i miss you so much,

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God is your employer. Great reminder.

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One of the pictures from the scrapbook in "The Expectation and the Reality": Xandra with baby Christina.

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Farron Vanille

It's how much love we put into giving. Mother Teresa

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