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Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Wedding Favors | Swatch Studios

An Intimate, Glamorous Wedding at The Oliver House in Toledo, Ohio

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Creative Ways to Incorporate Black White and blush Wedding Into Your Wedding Décor

This could be quite lovely as a simple centerpiece! Pink roses and simple black lace!

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Baby makin kit for bridal shower gift To get u started I included a bottle of whiskey A blind fold and edible panties If ur feelin friskey I added some lingere For you&for Bryan 2 keep the mood going While you keep trying There's a pregnancy test For when aunt flow show up late a bottle of nonalcholic wine To pop open&celebrate I also included some baby dust Sprinkling urself wit this is deff a must Sprinkle urself with this before you do the deed &it will help plant a babyseed

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