three koi by jasmine ray.

three koi by jasmine ray Something like this on the right batik fabric, embroider fish, maybe salmon (Watercolour inspired by Japanese Art)


Let's just cut to the chase . Great if you have an Art History class. - I do have an Art History class!

Such an adorable tattoo - "maybe a great " just let it go " tattoo. Bunny representing imperfect childhood and elephant representing sad memories. Really speaks to me.

elephant nursery art

OH MY GOODNESS! when I was little, my two most favorite stuffed animals were an elephant named Sammy and a little pink rabbit named Bunzee. oh this drawing makes me smile :) BABIES,Baby & Kids & Teen Decor I L

Sarah Jane Studios

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Notes by Fish Stalker, via Flickr

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Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, by Edward McCarten

Diana with a Greyhound. Edward Francis McCartan's 1923 sculpture of Diana, The Huntress, is an incredible example of muscular passion mingled with elegant curves. There is immense power in the way the Greyhound pulls at the lead, eager for release into th