How else?

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Hahahaha. The comment.

"Now, father, you're living in the past. This is the century." wake up and smell the plague- Sleeping Beauty- Prince Phillip

You can't just go around asking people why they have legs!

Farewell letter from

I just died.

Wow, this actually works a little *too* well. But damn it's funny! most of us sang this song if you truly love disney

Disney insults and comebacks

Disney insults and comebacks.

Funny pictures about Best And Wittiest Disney Comebacks. Oh, and cool pics about Best And Wittiest Disney Comebacks. Also, Best And Wittiest Disney Comebacks photos.

Join the club. This is also an appropriate representation of the reaction to the, roughly, thirtieth death in dark souls since the last checkpoint.

Frozen is good! But...

Frozen is overrated


Funny pictures about Epic little cousin. Oh, and cool pics about Epic little cousin. Also, Epic little cousin.

The Emperor's New Grove. I LOVE this movie. It is probably, if it isn't already, my favorite older Disney movie. I love Disney movies.


I've hear Disneyland Peter pans are awesome. Proof posted by yet another fan. Peter pan makes me cry. I'm crying. Peter's my hero and I'm so he did this~JA

Sisterly love.

Frozen is the first Disney movie 2 show you don't need the prince 2 save you<<<if Disney Pixar movies count that Brave was first.sorry to all the frozen lovers out there

This is too true

When i'm at the bookstore and i hear someone mention my fandom. This is me when I'm anywhere, really.

Samson from Sleeping Beauty, Frou Frou from Aristocats, Major from Cinderella, Phillipe from Beauty and the Beast, Kahn from Mulan, Pegasus from Hercules, Altivo from The Road to El Dorado, Bullseye from Toy Story, and Maximus from Tangled

Horses since I want the horse from tangled, he wields a frying pan. Everyone' s favorite characters since yup Horses since 1959 I want the horse from tangled he wields a frying pan Everyone' s favorite characters yup