Black Drongo

It can be enjoyable experience to observe birds flying in sky but for now only enjoy some beautiful photos of cute baby birds.


Winter birds A Black- Capped Chickadee sitting on spruce and hawthorn branches.

Vivid Niltava

黃腹琉璃.攝於 台灣 南投縣 塔塔加 Vivid Niltava, taken at Tataka, Nantou County, TAIWAN when berries get rare, birds appeared often and fight over.

Southern White Faced Scops Owl

Southern White-faced Owl (Ptilopsis granti ) by Joachim Huber.

Mother natures love...

PERFECT SHOT An adult male Asian paradise flycatcher feeding a chick, Kallar Kahar, Pakistan

River Kingfisher

The Beauty of Bird Photography by John & Fish A happy River Kingfisher

Brown Bullfinch

The Beauty of Bird Photography by John & Fish Steere's Babbler biting more than he can swallow

Formosan Barwing

A Formosan Barwing Bird: "Amongst The Berries." (Photo Taken at: Sun Link Sea, Taiwan By: John & Fish.

Beautiful !

Cinnyris chalybeus, Southern Double-collared Sunbird, South Africa ~~ by Ignacio Yufera Photography