You cannot resist. . .once you start smelling the succulent apple fritter bread aroma filling the air while it's baking. . .it's pretty much over.  You really never did had a chance. . . not e...

Awesome Country Apple Fritter Bread!

Country Apple Fritter Bread>>>>>This is fantastic. Tastes exactly like an apple fritter - LIES! Did not taste like an apple fritter! Tasted like regular coffee cake but with apples. The glaze made the bread soggy

Bacon Jalapeno Popper Cheesy Bread

Bacon Jalapeno Popper Cheesy Bread Recipe from Call Me PMC. Here is a recipe for a buttery and cheesy bread with a slight heat and wonderful bacon flavor! It's perfect as a side, a breakfast or used in a sandwich.

homemade french bread recipe and herbed garlic spread

how to make homemade french bread + herb garlic spread recipe

You can make french bread at home! Best homemade french bread recipe + step by step photo directions on how to make it, plus an amazing recipe for herbed garlic butter.

Homemade Naan

Homemade Naan (with step-by-step photos)

Olive Garden Breadsticks | Chef in Training

Homemade Olive Garden Breadsticks

We LOVE bread in my home!When I saw this recipe for Homemade Olive Garden Breadsticks, I definitely wanted to give them a try. These breadsticks are so good, and pretty easy to make! They would make a GREAT side dish to your meal!

Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites Recipe

Cinnamon & sugar pretzel bites w/vanilla cream cheese sauce! Also Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites w/ cheese sauce.

Homemade Cheesy Dinner Rolls

One more idea before Easter. These homemade cheesy dinner rolls would made a great addition to your Easter menu. These dinner rolls are stuffed with cheese and sprinkled with rosemary and coarse salt, yum!

Tangy blueberries and a sweet, crumbly, buttery streusel topping.

Lemon Blueberry Greek Yogurt Muffins, Tangy blueberries and a sweet, crumbly, buttery streusel topping.~T~ I added a little more lemon zest to these delicious muffins.

Cheesy Garlic Bites

Cheesy Garlic Bites

Cheesy Garlic Bites - Transform canned biscuits into Cheesy Garlic Bites filled with mozzarella, covered in baked on cheese and smothered in garlic butter white wine sauce.

Graham Cracker Bread Recipe

Graham Cracker Bread

Graham Cracker Bread Recipe, Delicious Sweet Bread Great With A Cup Of Coffee!

A quick bread that ditches the oil, butter, and added sugar; instead, you get hearty white whole wheat flour, moist bananas, and three kinds of chocolate.

better for you triple chocolate banana bread

Better for you triple chocolate banana bread has no butter, oil, or added sugar- except for the chocolate, of course- while still delivering big on flavor. With sweet, moist bananas and three kinds of(Triple Chocolate Muffins)

Cinnamon roll bread is a quicker, lighter, healthier alternative to traditional cinnamon rolls.  No yeast required- it's so easy!

quick and easy cinnamon roll bread

Sweet quick bread is topped with rich brown sugar cinnamon swirl & drizzled with sweet powdered sugar icing; classic cinnamon roll flavors without the work.

Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins

Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins

Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins - These sweet, crumbly muffins are unbelievably easy to make and incredibly addicting! I use Gf flour to make them gf