and then make like a whole treasure hunt for that person to find you. You could do it with like a lover or something and then have them read the book and then start the treasure hunt. Oh and you could use a really romantic book... That would be so cute...


My Bucket List: Learn how to drive. I started at Dad's orders. Thank God we never got caught, but it did help that I looked 10 years older and almost as much height as I do now back then… Oy. Via PerfectBucketList on Tumblr. ☑

Done with my BFF exactly 2 min after skool when I went to her house rite across the street and put down our bags and jumped in with our skool clothes (tshirt and shorts and flip flops) THE BEST 3 hours after skool ever!!! But I totally want to do it again

Would love to after me and Nicholas have our educational goals and career goals completed and are more financially stable before even thinking of starting a family if we decide to. My mom deserves a nice luxurious vacation ❤️