Colorful Pom Pom Drop

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Magnet board pages

These are printable magnet pages. You can find these at Making Learning Fun. She got colored puff balls and glued little magnet pieces on the back. These you can use on a small cookie sheet or a magnet board. More activity bag ideas on this post!

Can do this with magnetic poms poms!

Free Worksheets Head over to 3 Dinosaurs for this free printable Sight Word Dot Marker Set.

PomPom Magnetic Bingo

While especially great for tots, ALL of my kids LOVE using the Puff Ball Magnets. Also know as magnetic pom poms, they are great to use for fine motor skills and as it turns out, they are very easy to make! To make your own magnetic pom poms yo

In and Out / Sorting in ice cube tray


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Bit-O-Me: PomPom Magnets

See this previous list of Top 10 Busy Bags for a great, simple start to a busy bag stash. And here are 5 more busy bag ideas you will want to try:

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