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12 Days of Ornaments!

Countdown begins! Give your tree a festive touch with The Chew Crew's 12 homemade ornaments!

12 Days of Ornaments!

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Day 12: Glitter Snowflake #Ornament! #DIY #Craft #Christmas #TheChew

12 Days of Ornaments
  • Marisa Gentry
    Marisa Gentry

    google snowflake templates to trace

  • Joan Pletnik Nering
    Joan Pletnik Nering

    Where do I go to get the directions on how to make this???

  • Joan Pletnik Nering
    Joan Pletnik Nering

    Thanks but what happens after the video ends?? It doesn't give the final instructions. AND the ABC website is a MESS! Can't find anything! Help please...

  • Marisa Gentry
    Marisa Gentry

    Basically, you get a 4 to 6 inch snowflake template and cover it with waxed paper. Then with a sponge paint brush, paint on a thin coat of dish liquid. then using a glue gun, draw out the snowflake with hot glue. make sure that you put a hanger into one end of it. when it dries, rinse off the dish liquid, paint with mod podge and sprinkle with glitter. Seems to me like you could just sprinkle the glitter in before the glue dries, but I haven't tried either, so unsure if there would be a problem with it or not.

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Day 11: Winter Wonderland #Ornament! #DIY #Craft #Christmas #TheChew

12 Days of Ornaments
  • San Boo-ya
    San Boo-ya

    Sooooooo CUTE!

Day 10: Button Ball #Ornament! #DIY #Craft #Christmas #TheChew

12 Days of Ornaments
  • Donanne Avery
    Donanne Avery

    Where on earth did you get the red headed pins...cannot find them anywhere...any help would be so appreciated!!

  • Maura J. Fenlon
    Maura J. Fenlon

    I found the pins at Michael's, didn't find larger bulk buttons though!

  • Donanne Avery
    Donanne Avery

    Thank you Maura...going to look there again for them...thanks so much!!

  • Donanne Avery
    Donanne Avery

    Sorry I can't help you with the buttons...perhaps on line...but couldn't find the pins there.

  • Maura J. Fenlon
    Maura J. Fenlon

    Sure, merry Christmas!!

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Day 9: Bottle Cap Snowman #Ornament! #DIY #Craft #TheChew #Christmas

12 Days of Ornaments
  • Ally Pardo
    Ally Pardo

    You could even glue cotton balls onto them

  • Sharon Buxton-Bregola
    Sharon Buxton-Bregola

    I agree, I'm even seeing some variations on this theme in my own mind, especially in crochet!

  • Ruth Renedo
    Ruth Renedo

    Going to do this with my grandgirl and her friend this afternoon. We'll sprinkle some sparkle-y snow dust onto the paint.

  • Beth-Ann Quinlan
    Beth-Ann Quinlan

    I made this (after guzzling three bottles of root beer) and it looks adorable on my tree!!!

Day 8: Santa Paintbrush #Ornament! #DIY #Craft #Christmas

12 Days of Ornaments
  • Kathleen Ramseyer
    Kathleen Ramseyer

    Nate Williams I feel this needs to be on your tree!!!

  • Diana

    So cute!

  • Bridget Young
    Bridget Young

    Making them today...

  • Gloriajean Penny
    Gloriajean Penny

    I love this ornament. I'm planning on making several for next year.

Day 7: Crayon #Ornament! #DIY #Craft #Christmas #TheChew

12 Days of Ornaments
  • Marcy Segel
    Marcy Segel

    I've been making these for days

  • Colisha Robinson
    Colisha Robinson

    I'm going to make some of these for fun with daughters

  • Midori Ann
    Midori Ann

    These are on my to so list for today. Love Love

  • Gloriajean Penny
    Gloriajean Penny

    I can't wait to get started on these. What a great idea.

  • Amanda Patton
    Amanda Patton

    Make sure you use Crayola. Off brands do not work for this project, in my experience.

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Day 6: Gold Dipped #Ornament! #DIY #Craft #Christmas #TheChew

12 Days of Ornaments
  • Dawn Doetch
    Dawn Doetch

    love it , love it

Day 5: Glittery Pine Cone #Ornament! #Christmas #DIY #Craft #TheChew

12 Days of Ornaments

Day 4: CD Disco Ball #Ornament! #Christmas #TheChew #Craft #DIY

12 Days of Ornaments
  • Cynthia Manderson
    Cynthia Manderson

    Hah awesome!

  • Carol Brown
    Carol Brown


Day 3: Poinsettia #Ornament! #TheChew #Christmas #Craft #DIY

12 Days of Ornaments
  • Annie Reyes
    Annie Reyes

    Making these!

  • celia moya
    celia moya

    made them so cute

Day 2: Glittery Animal #Ornament! #TheChew #Christmas #Craft #DIY

The Chew | Food News: 12 Days of Ornaments on
  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith

    LOVE it!

  • Crystal Post
    Crystal Post

    What a great idea. My son has lots of plastic animals he loves. This would be a great keepsake/reminder ornament for when he out grows them.

  • Linda Wattie
    Linda Wattie

    This is too cute

Day 1: Thumbtack #Ornament! #Christmas #TheChew #Craft #DIY

12 Days of Ornaments