Clinton's Craft Corner...Let's Craft!

Clinton's Craft Corner...Let's Craft!

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Spruce up any room with these festive flowers! What you’ll need: Cupcake liners Pipe cleaners Scissors Directions: Stack and flatten 1-3 cupcake liners. Fold into halves, then quarters. Cut the wide, curved edge in any petal-like pattern, being careful to keep the center intact. Next, twist one end of a pipe cleaner to imitate the flower’s stamen.

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  • The Chew
    The Chew

    Unfold the cupcake liners and push the straight end of the pipe cleaner through the center of each one individually. Slide the liners up to the stamen and arrange them like petals. Continue cutting and adding liners until satisfied with the look of the flower. Then, twist the liners around the base to secure them on the pipe cleaner. Tip: experiment with different cutting patterns to imitate different types of flowers! Also try strategically crumpling paper to create volume and dimension.

These tinted mason jars add a pop of color to your décor! Use them to hold your desk supplies, silver wear, or even flowers! What You Need: Glass Jars Mixing bowl Clear drying craft glue Food coloring In a bowl, combine clear drying craft glue with food coloring until the desired tint is achieved. For deeper colors, add more food coloring. For a lighter tint, add a small amount of water to the solution to dilute it.

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  • The Chew
    The Chew

    Pour the colored glue into the jar, turning to coat the entire interior. Dump any excess glue back into the bowl. Allow to dry completely. Tip: Place the jar upside down on a cooling rack to allow excess glue to drip out. The jar is dry when the color becomes transparent.

Bring the perfect sparkle to any fall decor with Clinton Kelly's Glitter Pumpkins! #TheChew #Craft #DIY

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Clinton's Craft Corner: Wine Bottle Ring Toss! #TheChew #DIY #Craft

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Clinton's Craft Corner: Shirt Tie Father's Day Cards! #TheChew #DIY #Craft #FathersDayGift #GiftIdeas #Card #FathersDayCraft #FathersDayCard #HomemadeGifts

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  • Colleen Willis
    Colleen Willis

    This is so cute!

Clinton's Craft Corner: Paper Flowers! #DIY #Craft #MothersDay #MothersDayGift #MothersDayCraft #GiftIdea #TheChew

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Clinton's Craft Corner: Mosaic Plates! #DIY #Craft

Clinton's Craft Corner: Mosaic Plates
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    Kim Anderson

    Career to go emm m jnksc mmommteeeemtmt

Carla's Craft Corner: Spring Flower Bowls! #TheChew #Crafts #DIY

Carla's Craft Corner: Spring Flower Bowls
  • Tracy Gerber
    Tracy Gerber

    Get your own ideas and quit stealing all of Clinton's gigs!!

  • Janice B
    Janice B

    These are Carla's NOT Clintons!

  • Tracy Gerber
    Tracy Gerber

    It was Clinton's craft corner. Not Carla's

  • Carrie Diewald Sendykar
    Carrie Diewald Sendykar

    So only mario and michael can cook? If clara wants to do crafts let her.

  • Janice B
    Janice B

    Who's Clara???? Read above, it's Carla's Craft Corner now. She can do this gig too! Why not? Clinton drinks too much anyway.

#ClintonsCraftCorner: Valentine's Day Paper Garland! #TheChew #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayDecor #ValentinesDecorations #ValentinesDayCraft #DIY #Craft

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Plaster Tea Light Holder! #ClintonsCraftCorner #DIY #Crafts

Clinton's Craft Corner: Plaster Tea Light Holder
  • ErinLynne Tuckwell
    ErinLynne Tuckwell

    Saw Clinton make these on the show & they were super easy!

  • Carly Bahramzad
    Carly Bahramzad

    The Cornhusker, A Marriott Hotel

  • Alicia Terrell
    Alicia Terrell

    I watched The Chew i\and it looked really easy and it is!

  • bianaca jamison
    bianaca jamison

    Love it! definitely will try these next week. Thanks for sharing, Clinton.

#ClintonsCraftCorner: Ombre Felt Christmas Tree! #DIY #Craft #ChristmasDecor

Clinton's Craft Corner: Ombre Felt Christmas Tree

#ClintonsCraftCorner: Autumn Nature Frames #TheChew

Clinton Craft Corner: Autumn Nature Frames

Spooky #Halloween Portraits #ClintonsCraftCorner #TheChew #Crafts

Clinton's Craft Corner: Spooky Halloween Portraits
  • Sue

    Too cute and scary

Glitter Pumpkin Tea Light Candle Holders #ClintonsCraftCorner #TheChew

Clinton’s Craft Corner: Glitter Pumpkin Tea Light Candle Holders
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    fran king


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    Samantha Juarez


Clinton's Craft Corner: Ink Dye Coasters and Paint Chip Calendar #TheChew

Clinton's Craft Corner: Ink Dye Coasters and Paint Chip Calendar
  • Beth Van Hook
    Beth Van Hook

    I'm sure 1,000's of people are gonna run right out and "steal" paint chips samples. Get a grip and stop over analyzing Clinton's craft.

  • Mary Wigglesworth Walton
    Mary Wigglesworth Walton

    That's what the chips are for..For you to take. Relax & Craft :)

  • Beth Van Hook
    Beth Van Hook


  • Kristina Reppucci
    Kristina Reppucci

    I agree, they are there for people to to take so they can do whatever they want with them, calm down and stop dogging on Clinton's craft. I think the idea is cute. :)

  • Dixie Hunt
    Dixie Hunt

    I loved the coasters and went a step further and did the same technique on Wine Glasses. I give both 4 coasters and 4 wine glasses as a set for gifts. Question: I tell everyone to hand wash. but I do not spray

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Entertaining on a budget: how-to decorate with items that only cost a dollar #thechew

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  • Cheryl Tippett
    Cheryl Tippett

    love the flowers in the water....would make an inexpensice center piece for a tight budgeted wedding reception....

  • Shirley Stewart
    Shirley Stewart

    I'm going to do this for the Christmas centerpiece.

Clinton Kelly's Fall tablescapes and dinner party ideas from The Chew

Entertaining with Style: Clinton's Fall Crafts

Check out Clinton's tip on how to create beautiful votive candles with left over soup or coffee, tin cans. #thechew

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Clinton shows you how to get creative with your left over wine corks! #thechew

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  • Kathe Hankins
    Kathe Hankins

    I'm totally going to do this. Also, I freaking love Clinton. He's my favorite tv personality ever.

See how-to make wooden picture transfers from The Chew

Make this Fun Picture Frames
  • Kathy Sosnoski
    Kathy Sosnoski

    i missed part of this... how can i get the full directions?

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    Elizabeth Freeman


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    Debbie Braun

    Click on picture

  • Kathy Sosnoski
    Kathy Sosnoski

    thank you ladies!!!!

How-to make lanterns out of takeout boxes #thechew

Clinton's Craft Corner: Clinton's Takeout Lantern

How-to create cement votives #thechew

Clinton's Craft: Cement Votives

Clinton shows you how to make fun tie-dye patterns!

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  • Ashley Flores
    Ashley Flores

    Private video

  • Suzy Daugherty
    Suzy Daugherty

    How can I watch this video? It days it's private! Thanks!

Avoid a messy, cluttered table at your next BBQ with Clinton's easy to make Condiment Caddy.

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  • Priscilla Edwards
    Priscilla Edwards

    Billie Edwards and Christen Fries I want to do this one....

Decorate Your Table For Less.

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