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Mario Batali's Summer Vegetables in Cartoccio #TheChew

Summer Vegetables in Cartoccio - Mario Batali
  • Karen DeWitt
    Karen DeWitt

    I watched this being made.. yum!

Michael Symon's Seared Porterhouse Steaks #TheChew

The Chew | Recipe | Michael Symon's Seared Porterhouse Steaks

Michael Symon's Beef Jerky #TheChew

The Chew | Recipe | Michael Symon's Beef Jerky
  • Jennifer Bollentin Quill
    Jennifer Bollentin Quill

    I'm psyched to try this recipe, I love jerky but thought I needed a dehydrator, thanks for this option!!

  • Jim Hastings
    Jim Hastings


Fabio Viviani's Eggplant Caponata #TheChew

The Chew | Recipe | Fabio Viviani's Eggplant Caponata

Clinton Kelly's Pork Cutlet with Watercress Salad #TheChew

Pork Cutlet with Watercress Salad - Clinton Kelly
  • Chandra O'Connor
    Chandra O'Connor

    With or without the cherries if u forget like Clinton today on #TheChew lol

  • Veronica Kinsey
    Veronica Kinsey


  • Vet B
    Vet B

    Didn't have watercress so used peashoots instead. Turned out awesome!!!!! Yummy!

Betsy Karp Cold Lemon Souffle recipe. #thechew

The Chew | Recipe | Betsy Karp's Easy Cold Lemon Souffle

Nina Scavone Summer Chocolate Chip Napoleon recipe. #thechew

Nina Scavone Summer Chocolate Chip Napoleon

Blueberry Coconut Tart Mario Batali Gina DePalma recipe. #thechew

The Chew | Recipe | Blueberry Coconut Tart

Daphne's Italian Tuna Salad

The Chew | Recipe | Daphne Oz's Italian Tuna Salad
  • Leah Pritchard
    Leah Pritchard

    I believe she used a olive oil in this one.. Mayo would make it horrible.

  • Madonna Vandevender
    Madonna Vandevender


  • Kristi Marie
    Kristi Marie

    Those chicken wings of Michael's should be on this board. haha I see that recipe everywhere.

  • Bear

    has anyone made this yet?

  • Amy Seaman
    Amy Seaman

    tahziki? Great idea!

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Daphne's Peach Maple Sherbet Sandwich

The Chew | Recipe | Daphne Oz's Peach Maple Sherbet Sandwich
  • Jenn Soehnle
    Jenn Soehnle

    Yum! Hey Chew Pinners, would it be possible for the pins to go directly to the recipe instead of the chew homepage??

  • Julie Schwarz
    Julie Schwarz

    Can't wait to make these. It is great to be able to offer a healthy desert or snack like this to kids and adults. Thanks.

Allison Fishman's Salmon Burger has everything you like about a traditional burger without all the calories.

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  • Tracy Waldron Baranzano
    Tracy Waldron Baranzano

    No thanks. People from West coast don't mix their salmon with a bun lol!

  • Sandy Reeser
    Sandy Reeser

    Sure we do!

  • The Chew
    The Chew

    Give it a try Tracy Waldron Baranzano, you might just like it.

  • Ann Olivia Wendroff
    Ann Olivia Wendroff

    Cali has some great Gluten Free rolls / buns @ Whole Foods...

Daphne's Banana Almond Smoothie

The Chew | Recipe | Daphne Oz's Banana Almond Smoothie

Carla's Crinkle Cookies are simple to make and loved by everyone.

The Chew | Recipe | Carla Hall's Crinkle Cookies
  • Mona Marushak
    Mona Marushak

    'cause no one wants a big ass cookie! ;)

Michael's Chicken Amandine

The Chew | Recipe | Michael Symon's Chicken Amandine

Carla's Buttermilk Pie is deliciously creamy and perfect at any party.

The Chew | Recipe | Carla Hall's Buttermilk Pie

Mario's Cannelloni al Forno.

The Chew | Recipe | Mario Batali's Cannelloni Al Forno

Carla's Mississippi Mud Pie, a chocolatey dessert that is simply decadent.

The Chew | Recipe | Carla Hall's Mississippi Mud Pie
  • Gay Colavito
    Gay Colavito

    Rich looking!!

  • Madonna Vandevender
    Madonna Vandevender


Michael's Grilled Marinated Chicken Breasts With Watermelon Feta Salad.

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