Incredible pencil drawing

There is raw beauty in aging. Every experience, pain, joy, and heartache are etched in lines -- like the rings in a tree trunk / Realistic Portrait Drawing by Dan Cretu

Drawing hand pencil watercolor art sketchbook

Pausing on a work in progress, Ruth Speer ( reveals more about her life outside the studio. “If I put my hand there, it wouldn’t work,” says guest curator Helen Downie ( “There’s a tenderness to it.

Beautiful drawing amazing use of color

fred hatt - this PIN does not work but I love the drawing technique.

To really listen

hatching pen and ink method ear drawing, value, contour, volume

La vie est une Fleur by Elise Genest

La vie est une Fleur [Life is a flower] by Elise Genest

jeremy irons

jeremyironsnet: Jeremy Irons photographed by Cyrill Matter at the 2015 Zurich…

Was haben diese Hände bloß alles schon gehalten?

I love this. I love how you can see the age in his hands and tell his lived a long full life. Also I love how after so many years he still wears the ring he got on a day that probably meant the world to him that he got

. Alcohol   Después de pintar, sólo debes tomar un bastoncillo y con un poco de alcohol puedes crear un efecto increíble

Si eres un principiante con las acuarelas, estas 8 técnicas te convertirán en un gran artista

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY Board Ideas 2017 / 2018 TOOLBOX: 8 Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

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Plumeria Tattoos Are Usually Seen Inside A Tattoo Design Often To Highlight The

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Babys~ I want to do that, YOLO (? I can't draw, but please, I have to do that.

The pink panter

Peter Sellers as Inspector Jacques Clouseau. The best and the Original of the Pink Panther movies. Legend and a great physical actor at playing many characters


ink detail in this artwork. Art and drawing.

Franco Clooney graphic art in graphite

Hyper Realistic Graphic Art by Franco Clooney

Pencil drawings by Franco Clun. Italian artist Franco Clun uses only pencil and paper to create these incredibly realistic portraits that can easily be mistaken for photographs.

Como pintar acuarela paso a paso. . Watercolor tutorial. - YouTube

Watercolor scenery painting demo - Rainy Day in Vancouver

Marionetas de papel de "El principito". Manualidades fáciles para el Día...

Marionetas de papel de "El principito". Manualidades fáciles para el Día...