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an open notebook with the words pep written on it
Amazing Way To Teach Units Of Liquid!
a person holding a piece of ice in their hand with the caption above it
35 Astounding And Uplifting Facts About The Universe
a poster with the words did you know? and an image of a water drop
Psychological Tips For Love
Fun Facts : follow for more funny, interesting & weird facts 😉 #PsychologicalFactsQuotes
6 best biology online interactive web sites simple, focused, and oriented for students
Six Best Interactive Biology Websites! - Teach Every Day
an orange hanging from a hook with the words what is the scientific reason behind hanging off lemon and chilli?
What is the scientific reason behind hanging lemon and chilli ?
What is the scientific reason behind hanging of lemon and chilli? - science and technology | science facts | science education | innovative ideas | know the truth | scientific reasons | superstitions | thinking of people | blog to follow | blog topics | blogging | #science #truth
a jellyfish with the caption did you know?
Struggler Sala
four different types of space and time with the caption that says, theory of relativity
physics hub on Instagram: “Theory of relativity 💥 . . #physicsjokes #physicsfun #physics #physicsclass #physicist #physiques #chemistry #spacex #space #blueorigin…”
Useful Life Hacks, Psychology Facts, Humour, Brain Damage, Medical Facts, Did You Know, Medical Knowledge
40 Crazy Facts That You Probably Didn't Know Or Care To Know
a poster with different types of bones and their names in white ink on black paper
Facts About Bones - PositiveMed
Bones are hard like stones, but in fact, bones are alive and they constantly degenerate and regenerate! That’s why when we have a broken bone, it heals after a while. For that reason we need to support our bones by good nutrition and exercise. Check out this poster for some cool facts about bones: