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"This annoys me SO MUCH! I mean, you have to start over the problem and everything! This happens to me all the freaking time!" *Just picks the closest answer*


One of the most under utilised and useless female characters EVER. I've read Victorian era novels with better female role models in it.

Every. Day.

I hate it when I'm eating something crunchy and I can't hear the TV anymore - why is this a Teen Post?


Something bulletproof won't help you<< I my friend group it's he opposite. If you mess up a girl's hair, we don't even give a fuck. When you mess up the guys' hair, (especially Jackson's) make sure you have a bomb shelter

Yes! All the time!

So relatable. So true. So totally what does not happen to me every morning. *When I try to hide my phone when my mom walks in.



This happened to me just last summer! I thought you said "sherbert" but no. You actually say "sherbet" when I learned this it legit crushed all my hopes and dreams. <----according to my friends I sometimes mispronounce crayon and cutlery.


I used to make my own chocolate coated sugar cones when I worked in an ice cream parlor.

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"I don't really mind if the person I'm trying to date only reaches my shoulder."