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some pink and white flowers are in the middle of color swatches for this image
How to Grow Peonies | White Flower Farm
Gardening: fresh flowers from my garden make all the weeding, trimming, mulching, and hauling totally worth it.
an old stone cottage with blue shutters and flowers
How to Decide if an English Cottage Garden Is Right for You
Home Design: my favorite day of the month is when Better Homes and Gardens arrives. I love home improvements and design - I can spend hours watching HGTV before I reach my saturation level.
a man sitting in front of a microphone while holding a guitar
David Grisman & Doc Watson
Music: listening to Folk and Bluegrass.
an open book with the word eco written on it and folded pages in the shape of letters
A Book Without Words
Reading: I've loved lots of different genres since I became a "reader" but these days I'm into memoirs, historical fiction, and books for young adults.
an old violin that is being played by someone
Fiddling: I'm just a beginner, but I love my fiddle.
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to some fabric and yarn
Expired - domain expired
Crafting: I love making random things- especially if they involve pretty paper.
a man running down a trail in the mountains with trees and water behind him on a sunny day
Find & Register for Races, Local Events & Things to Do
Trail Running: the trails in Cincinnati are *almost* this nice:)
a woman in high heels riding a bike down the street with her purse on it's handlebars
bike – The View From the 36th Floor
Cycling: I love biking to work, but I've never tried it in heels.