I love books ,music ,and drawing
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I was telling my parents (who recently started season 4 of Sherlock) that the fandom ships Johnlock, and my mom was like "?" So I said "people ship Sherlock and John" and she's like *long pause* "to where?

YES!!!!! I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!! SO ME!!!!!!!

I have found my people<<< when I was in elementary, I never had to study, I would always get in middle school, I still never studied, but now I'm going into high school and I don't think I can get away with not studying anymore. <<< This needs to happen.

Not all heroes wear cape, some wear mini skirts and Tank tops

This should be a senior prank!<---- my brothers senior prank (not his idea.) was that all the seniors broke dress code on the same day, so the front office was completely backed up.<< That's awesome