"Blue eye"  It is through the vision of the eyes controlled by our heart that we see love and promptly fall in ♡

"The eyes are the windows to the soul." The eyes tell much of the condition of one's soul. I often perceive the state of a person's soul by looking into their eyes.

Silver Eye Contacts

♥ Cute Eyes - {Photoshopped} ♥ ~ Dedicated to .Poo, Simmo, Sahana & Berri - Page 2 - SantaBanta Forums

Open Your Eyes

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Amazing eyes. Amazing color. Oh so gorgeous. /gracey

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Eye art

Sun-gazing - Super Human Abilities Gained, by Stasia Bliss - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network

The water eye would be good for the cover of my book...

Who Are You To The Elements?

eyes are always a main focus in my work, this is beautiful, i could link in photography and my drawing skills. Azriel Cross: Eyes on elements

Eye Elements, Lightning by Rick Sandoval

Eye Elements Lightning Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Ricky Sandoval