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10. Doctor Who

10. Doctor Who

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Make Your Own Time Traveling Adventures With Custom Doctor Who Lego Figures

Revealed: The new Doctor Who monster that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before..

I'm happy with how/when the Rose line ended... but I always have been curious of their life on the parallel universe... and if the universe is parallel.... is there a doctor look-a-like human on earth?

I love this!!


The world would be a poorer place without Doctor Who. ~ Steven Spielberg


Donna ♥ Miss you lady!

Peter Capaldi & a dalek

BBC Announces The Discovery and Restoration Of 9 Classic 'Doctor Who' Episodes

well said David Tennant

"I’ve always seen so many lovely female Tardis cosplayers but never a male Tardis. I felt I had to change that. ;)" [Tardis: captainimaginary, Photographer: Nova]

11 and Oswin

Its official, Rose and 10 are back for the 50th!

Question: "Is it true the reason you wear a brown coat in the show is because you’re a fan of Firefly?" Just strengthening my love of David Tennant!

How is the TARDIS bigger on this inside. Here's the explanation. TOM BAKER....need I say more?


The Doctors are in.

I should probably put some cool quote here

This is beautiful. I love Donna. ♥

Doctor Who: Season 7 Part 1 blu ray November 13th/2012


LEGO Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!! 10

No no no no no!!!! This comment brings a new light to the theory: "Some people are thinking that Rory is the Master! It would explain the "River is a Timelord" thing and the "Rory never dies" thing. Also, remember in "Let's Kill Hitler" when Rory says "I hear this sort of banging in my head." <------------ MOFFAT WOULD BE THAT SICK AND TWISTED! I WOULD FREAK OUT! I guess we shall see.................. <--- I've heard this theory before, and I simply can't buy it! Rory is too good.

K9 and 4