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Indendørsvinduer og skillevægge | Kreavilla

What an apartment! I love everything about it - from the beautiful ceiling and interior decor to the smart layout and room divider. Now for sale via Lundin in Gothenburg

What drew me to this interior? The soft grey colour palette at first, the beautiful glass walls and the open space organization of only 37 square meters. A trick to make a space look more expensive? G

400 square feet may not seem like a lot — but that& reckoning without the ingenuity of Swedish design. Thanks to a simple but very smart floor plan, this diminutive Swedish apartment makes living small look positively luxurious.

ph: kronfoto / Skandiamäklarna Kungsholmen

Create a lazy susan to use the space which you have. You could also maximize floor space by buying taller furniture, instead of wide, low-to-the-ground alternatives. It is possible to even repurpos…