Dream Home

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sunken fire pit....lets make one!

In-ground fire pit. Dig a deep hole four feet around. Purchase 25 pavers and 12 flagstone pavers. put two bags of river rock in the bottom.

amazing storage

I want a vintage card catalog SO BADLY! Cool Library card catalog storage Dishfunctional Designs: Vintage Library Card Catalogs Transformed Into Awesome Furniture

Spigots make great knobs

Spigots for drawer pulls. Instant COLLECTION of GARDEN Water Faucet Knobs - Set of 9 Large knobs. Sizes range from to 2 approx. These old water faucet knobs are beautifully aged and have great character.

String of Pearls

String of Pearls Plant (Senecio Rowleyanus) I love these.A friend gave me a string of pearls plant several years ago. Mine got somekind of disease and I lost it. Haven't been able to find another since.

I wants this...

This bookshelf wall is the dream of every bookworm. How else will you store all your books in your dream home or interior? I always love when bookshelves go over a doorpost and all the way to the ceiling.

upside down!

The Upside-Down House - Szymbark, Poland. Polish businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski built The Upside Down House as a statement about the Communist era and the end of the world.

David Garcia's rolling bookcase. You can take it for a walk

21 Bookshelf Designs That Roll, Stretch, Climb Or Just Hold Stuff, Maybe Even Books

Take your library with you wherever you go if you have a hamster-wheel bookshelf! [Circular walking bookcase designed by David Garcia.

super spacious tiny place

Home Design: Modern Loft Bed With Stairs Home Stair Design Design Ideas For Small Loft Spaces Loft Bed Ideas For Small Spaces, Entrancing Loft Ideas For Small Spaces Loft Bed Ideas For Small Rooms. Design Ideas For Small Loft Spaces. Loft Bed Ideas For Sm


One of my loves, vintage dishes! I would love these vintage pyrex dishes for my own little collection.