Games I played 2014

Video Games I played for 2014 - I didn't play that much this year -_-
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an animated landscape with trees, bushes and mountains
an image of a game screen with the words proteus in front of it is almost here!
Proteus by Ed Key and David Kanaga, for Mac/PC/Linux, is a game that is all about the experience of exploration and discovery. I can't shut up about how much I enjoy this game. It's wonderful, and definitely not a typical game play experience.
an image of the sun setting over mountains with the word proteus on it
Proteus (Game) - Giant Bomb
Proteus (Game) - Giant Bomb
an image of a red carpeted room with columns
Voxatron by Lexaloffle. This game is so much fun.
an animated image of a person on a train track with a lighthouse in the background
Voxatron Development Diary 3
an image of some pixel characters in different poses
zep.p8 🦣 on Twitter
Twitter / lexaloffle: Another study of Voxatron ...
an image of a building with stairs and towers on it's sides, in the style of low polygonics
Monument Valley: Most Beautiful iOS Game Available Now - Design Milk
Be your own architect by playing Monument Valley, a stunning iOS game, available now.
an image of a building that looks like it is in pixel art
an old - school computer game that looks like it is playing on the nintendo wii
FEZ - Launch Trailer
a computer screen with a game on it next to a small toy and a teddy bear
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HTML5 development: Foot Chinko interview
foot chino on the cover of a game with an image of a soccer player kicking a
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Play Foot chinko on GamePix!
the numbers game is shown in this screenshote screen shot, which shows how many different
Threes! This is my new iOS crush. Its a great puzzle game. iPhone and iPad both. $1.99. Just a fantastic game Its got a great user experience and minimalist design (a la Letter Press). You should get it. You won't be disappointed.
an open book with the words monument valley behind it
Play Monument Valley Panoramic edition now available on steam
Fun little peek behind-the-scenes: Monument Valley game. “every screen of the game would be a work of art" "every screen shot could be printed out and printed on the wall"
an image of a castle with stairs going up to it
Monument Valley: Most Beautiful iOS Game Available Now - Design Milk
Monument Valley: The Most Beautiful Game Youve Ever Seen in technology Category