Alexandra Bostenaru

Alexandra Bostenaru

Alexandra Bostenaru
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so true. oh and don't forget beauty. ;) <3 @BethanyNoelms

so true but not bethany mota Beth from the walking dead Have you seen her and when she sings

Aw, congrats on getting to the finals, Beth! I wish you could have won!


☀️ lil selfie situation going on I guess------- So beautiful bethany!


See yah Mexico, you've been real fun ❤️ time to go back home!

Aaww beth was so cute!!

Aaww beth was so cute!

Your First Look at Every Single Piece from the Bethany Mota Aéropostale Collection

Love the color of this sweater, sort of a heathered deep blue (definitely not navy on my screen) & the poms on the scarf are so fun! - from the Bethany Mota Aéropostale Collection