Allan Brutas III

Allan Brutas III

""..we dont hav everything 2 enjoy life.. ..but ..we hav life 2 enjoy everything.. ...always choose 2 see the nice things nd smile..=)
Allan Brutas III
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think before you open your PC to all the idiots out there who use it for the stupidest things

"War against religion" or public service announcements ? If we can't charge tuition, at least let's tax the charlatans (amusement tax) and criminally indict the - pardon the euphemism - less amusing.


How To Spot A Liar [INFOGRAPHIC] ~TA: Interesting . a lot of it is true, though hard to assess. I think they are wrong about liars not looking you in the eye. There are often other reasons someone won't look you in the eye. A liar is jus

Maybe it's law school or just how I think. This applies to a lot of things.

::I love you ::Do you have evidence to support your statement ((I absolutely do! He might have a different way about him that some may not understand. & My Husband shows me that he loves me. all the time. Love my baby))

Shoddy research methods.Flashback to Applied Statistics. Glad that's over !

Grad school - 'Your sample sizes are small, your standard deviations are high, your conclusion means nothing. AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD.

The unbelievable accuracy of this pin is just insanely sad. May needs to hurry up.

Science major mouse is a small white mouse with all the trials and tribulations of a college science major. Here is the best of the science major mouse meme.