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Sculptures blend people and animals into mythic beasts

Chinese artist Liu Xue creates sculptures of human figures that have been augmented with animal body parts. The eerily lifelike sculptures range from centaur-like human/pig hybrids to rather disquieting chicken-people. ~This one makes me deeply sad

Drawings of Elves (39 pics)

Academy of Art Character and Creature Design Notes: An Interview with Jean-Baptiste Monge, Part 1 I pinned this picture because I liked how the goblin's clothes looks. I would like the goblins in my game to have clothes like this.

ArtStation - Big sister, Simon Gocal

Twin girls who've been cursed with immortality. Seeing their families dies around them and all their friends as well, scarred them for life. Now they live a life in violence. One seeks to protect while the other destroys. They often fight each other.