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Feature and demo of the Backpacker style guitar by John Anthony Guitars,plans available from our Elite guitar plans range.

greensleeves - Jordi Savall

"Greensleeves" is a traditional English folk song and tune, a ground of the form called a romanesca. A broadside ballad by this name was registered at the Lo.

I just hope my wife doesn't get confused about the meaning of this chart...

Just delivered lunches to Westwood Baptist Church. :)))))) Hard Wood or Soft Wood? This chart tells you what they are.

I find this funny... If you work hard, you can achieve a lot more than what this…

A basic chart however a lot of learners take different paths so some might be slower while others advance faster.

Hand Made Blueberry Custom  "Patriot" Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Blueberry Custom "Patriot" Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar by Blueberry Musical Instruments Inc. I dont even play guitar, but I want this

Guitar storage

* A really nice guitar storage unit with a truly functional top from ~ Here is…

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fat-suit concept tights,leggings, or long underwear with foam carved to shape, to be furred later on

Costume Wolf Tail Tutorial

Check out this easy and fun Wolf Tail Tutorial! It's made with yarn and a brush! It looks so real and feels so soft! Pick your fav colors and make one! - or it could be a Fox Tail!