I thank God

SO TRUE! I thank god for protecting me from what I thought I wanted and blessing me with what I didn't know I needed. Thank You LORD :)

To Heal a Wound You (Live Life Happy)

"To heal a wound you need to stop touching it." Leave it alone, I get it but some wounds are open because they were never addressed corectly. like when a scar forms, there will always be a reminder of what happened and to teach what not to do again.

Every day I rely on Christ to guide me in the right direction, and I pray that what ever isn't of his doing be removed from my life. seems like I'm doing something right!

God is all I will EVER need. It doesn't matter if people don't like me, I'm not here to make people like me, but to praise God through everything.

God knows my heart! ❤ I don't care at all what people think of me or say about me be it good or bad,my life is between me & God only,he is my judge,I am not perfect and I never will be!

Decision become easier when you will please God outweighs your will to please the world.

May I never forget. On my best day, that I still need God as desperately as I did on my worst day.

May I never forget. On my best day, that I still need God desperately as I did on my worst day.

I think my job is to make the grace of the invisible God, visible, wherever I am. So difficult to live, but such god words!


Focus on the word "restore" . It is already in you --- pray for what you need to rise again! Thank you, God! I love this my poor acking body needs to be restored by the love of Jesus and my father my God ! thank god and Jesus .


Photo (Spiritual Inspiration)