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Finally, a study that confirms what I knew all along: fat acceptance is good for our health - Voices - The Independent << Loving your body is good for you! Please give a vote at the bottom of the article to push out the bigots i.e. "Strongly Agree".

As a fat positive activist my goal, first and foremost, is to advocate body love for all shapes and sizes. Instead, doing this as a fat woman, I am often subjected to accusations of ‘glorifying obesity’.

Been looking for resources about the fattest people in the world? Find everything you want to know about fattest people in the

I'm cooking lunch with my mom and i don't want to break my fast but I don't want her to be suspicious either, help me...

every girl longs to look like this, and every girl who looks like this, sadly, believe its not skinny enough. it never is until we are all skin and bones