Accessible Holidays In Thailand

Accessible Thailand showcases all the accessible places in Thailand for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. with tips and advice as well as package holidays. We show you where and how to holiday in Thailand.
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This is an amazing Place is called mini Siam located in Bangkok, you can see the whole of Thailand in miniature, and cover the whole country of Thailand in an afternoon it's also very accessible.

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there's so many visually stunning things to see in Thailand. for people with limited mobility. No worries with accessible Thailand, you can see and experience it all.

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Accessible Thailand shows all the places that are accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility in Thailand.

Have you ever felt like camping on your own deserted island? It's all possible with accessible Thailand

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there are so many fun and accessible things to do in Thailand this is just one called escape hunt in Bangkok. you will feel like Sherlock Holmes as you unravel the mysteries that this game has to offer.

with such a rich history different cultures, amazing flavours and wonderful people. Thailand is an amazing Place made more accessible for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility everyday.

Infographic: How Many Disabled People Are There In Thailand? The Top Accessible Destinations In Thailand For Disabled People And Wheelchair UsersFor more information on the situation for disabled people in Thailand and accessible destinations go to -

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