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It Just Makes Sense

It Just Makes Sense

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So the story doesn't make me smile.... Just the thought of that many rubber ducks makes me smile.

Don’t present things that are too hard to learn, don’t be arrogant. Allow the horse to learn in his own way. This takes discipline and maybe that will be the hardest thing for you. When you’re riding, try to do more by doing less and less. You have to be on the spot every moment because that’s where the horse is. Don’t worry, he’ll teach you if you let him. Fix it up and let it work. Turning loose means that when you reach for him, he softens. It should be like silk all the way. - Ray Hunt

Hug the Dog

Tips from Auto Detailers on how to clean your auto like a pro!

Our society is run by insane people...

how to clean up your pinterest.


Riding the storm out.

life is better with a dog


Yep, it just makes sense!

If anyone tells you your dreams are silly…

Keep On Keepin On


Yey, chica!!! Right on!!!

be a beginner



We all need a little bit of Pinterest housekeeping from time to time. How to be attractive to new followers on pinterest

Parisian Carrots (55 days)...A great little round carrot that is a nineteenth-century French heirloom. It "excels in clay or rocky soil where other carrots have problems developing properly". They say it works great for containers.

Lose your fear...

Fair enough

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. - Albert Einstein

I do wonder about the 10%. I learn a lot from reading!