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Obama praises ending the Afghanistan war, but doesn't mention his increase of American troops in Iraq...REPIN if you're tired of him!

How Trustworthy Are the Fox News, Drudge Report, and NewsMax Websites?

Hillary Clinton's People Magazine Cover Flops! REPIN if her inevitability campaign is lackluster!

Hillary Clinton’s “People” Magazine Cover Flops

Obama's Amnesty Order is Unconstitutional, rules a federal judge. REPIN if you agree!

When It Comes to Defunding Amnesty, Congress Needs to Act Now

VIDEO: Reporter Julie Pace is unsure of Hillary Clinton's message and asks why she is running! REPIN if you agree with Pace!

AP’s Julie Pace:: “We’re Not Sure” What Clinton’s Message Is “and Why She’s Running for President” [Video]

Chris Matthews asks if the UVA Rape Case will end up like the Duke Lacrosse Case: Innocent people demonized by the Media

WASHINGTON -- In one of the more reasonable segments for Chris Matthews, he asked whether the University of Virginia (UVa)…

VIDEO: Reporter says Obama cursed at Reporters for covering stories he didn't like! REPIN if you're tired of Obama!

With the murder of second American journalist Steven Sotloff, American President Barak Obama has said he will “degrade and Destroy” ISIS according to Reuters news agency.

Eric Holder's Civil Rights Crusade against America's Policemen. REPIN if you're tired of Holder's politics!

~~Bi-Partisan Calls For Special Prosecutor In MF Global/DOJ Scandal :: showing links between Jon Corzine and Eric Holder .

VIDEO: CNN mocks Obama's ambassador appointments! REPIN if CNN mocks you, it means you're doing a bad job!

CNN Mocks White House Over Unqualified Ambassadorial Appointments [Video]

Obama seems to have chosen his Latest Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter. REPIN if he won't do much in Obama's last 2 years in office.

President Barack Obama is calling Ashton Carter one of the nation's foremost national security leaders as he nominates him as secretary of defense. Carter was deputy defense secretary .

52% of Americans say Government should get out of Healthcare! REPIN if you agree!

A year after the launch of government-run health insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act, questions and controversy surrounding the law remain one of the most prominent political issues of the day.

E-mails show the Department of Justice was targeting Sharyl Attkisson over Fast and Furious reporting! REPIN if this is business as usual for Obama!

At CBS News, Sharyl Attkisson was a rare reporter who challenged the criminal Obama administration and did actual investigative work. The Obama administration didn’t like her getting too close …Share