Manly Gift Bucket: a new kind of gift basket | Tried & Twisted

Manly Gift Bucket: Create Dad a special gift for his day! Fill metal bucket with his favorites. ❤️always at Neser Insurance!

DIY wood cell phone stand from

DIY Wooden Cell Phone Stand

Play Ball Mason Jar

"Play Ball" Mason Jar Teacher Appreciation

"Play Ball" Mason Jar - As part of a week long Teacher Appreciation series, I created this fun mason jar craft that can serve as gift wrap for a favorite PE tea

Rustic Coasters

DIY Rustic Coasters

DIY tutorial for repurposing tree branches and creating beautiful and durable rustic coasters.

Paint Dipped Golf Tees

Fathers Day Craft

Father's Day Gift - your dad will be the coolest guy on the golf course with these paint dipped golf tees!

Father's Day DIY Gift Jar Nuts About Dad

Father's Day DIY Gift Jar "Nuts About Dad" with FREE Printable Label

I am excited to share with you this DIY Gift Jar "Nuts About Dad". This is a easy and inexpensive gift that you can make for a special dad in your life.