Snowy owl

Snow owl has mesmerizing blue eyes…

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Eagle Owl in Flight - Great Photo!

Bubo bubo, the Eurasian Eagle-owl, in a spectacular photo by Czech wildlife photographer Robert Adamec.

A Western kingbird, known to scold and chase intruders , managed to land on top of this Barn owl and to peck at it - Luis Stevens

Barn Owl was chased until chaser bird landed on it and proceeded pecking the owl.a predicament, for sure. Thats one way to Hitch a ride.

Snowy Owl. One of these flew into our home ~ in Mexico. I didn't even know we had barn owls here. A beautiful scary moment.

Female Snowy Owl--she is more heavily barred.This is why owls are my favourite animal

on an owl!

I've seen small birds drive away an owl before, and I think that's what is happening here between a songbird & a Barn Owl. It's astonishing to witness the bravery of small creatures protecting their young and/or their territory.

Snowy owl

The snowy owl's beautiful white plumage helps to hide it in its Arctic habitat. Only the males are completely white. Chicks are dark and spotted, while the females are white with spots on their wings.

♔ Owl

I love this photo. It is a beautiful owl and the stone is lovely. I believe that the owl is very well camouflaged. Description: White owl by Lee-Anne