Carole Lombard in 1930s gown. When it came to wearing the liquid gowns of the period there was Lombard, and there was Harlowe, and everyone else a long, long way behind. Anyone under the silly misapprehension that 'the olden days' were staid and sexually laced up times and it took the mini skirt in the 60s to liberate the body needs only to look at a few glamour photos of these two. They were - magnificently - practically naked. Plus, Lombard was a wonderful actress.

movie star Carol Lombard in a fabulous satin gown. Lombard was Clark Gable's wife until she died in a plane crash while on a tour to raise WWII war bonds.

Golden Gate by Andrey Yakovlev  Stunning   tThis was posted 10 months ago   zThis has been tagged with fashion, Andrey Yakov...

Golden Gate Designer: Elen Om Photographer: Andrey Yakovlev Art-director: Lili Aleeva Models: Sasha Silver, Katya Uhanova, Mariya Kalinina, Wasiu O, Gera Shengelaya Accessories: Natalia Shaulov

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Architecture | Building Form | Amazing Architecture Amazing Mesh - Art Deco style

Amazing Architecture Amazing Mesh - Art Deco style design design office design and decoration interior design

“ this helmut lang fabric is so cheap and it has that liquid effect iris van herpen has on her clothes and im like……… 👀 come 2 me ”

Organic Cube by Søren Korsgaard - Design Milk

Organic Cube by Søren Korsgaard

Architects Søren Korsgaard and Daniel Nielsen created this Organic Cube that reminds me of a drawing game I used to play in grade school with dots and curv

Pamella Roland | Fall 2014 RTW

re create this fabulous Pamella Roland dress with a Silk charmeuse and Silk chiffon

Andreia Chaves "Naked" Using advanced printing technology, and available nowhere else in the world, Hand made to order, Precise geometric structure meets high style. 5 heel and platform. nylon printed exterior/leather interior and leather sole.

Movie-Themed Building Blocks : nightmare before christmas jenga

Movie-Themed Building Blocks

My buddy made a full sized jenga out of solid metal.

The ever-popular brick-stacking, tower-crashing game has now been reimagined, entirely out of metal. All 60 game pieces are CNC precision machined from aircraft grade.

Golden Beige - Sandwashed Silk Charmeuse (10"x36")

This is our soft, sandwashed silk charmeuse fabric.