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Also this kind of sexual communication through sexy texts messages keeps the intensity and spark in any relationship alive

56 Sexy Texts Messages To Make Him Sexually Obsessed With You

Sweet Potato Clean Eating Brownies Recipe

This is the best ever sweet potato clean eating brownies recipe. The sweet potatoes add just a little sweetness and make them nice and moist too.

OOOO baby!

Love this movie "The trouble with chics, is they can't hold their smoke, that's what it is" breakfast-club-sweater

The shadowing is really interesting....

I like the fact that the light being over her eyelashes that then shadow onto her face. I dislike the fact that the shadow from her eyelashes is too long.

This is a really good semi-neutral look. #make-up

Shimmer brown and gold eye with dramatic cat-eye & false lashes. This look is not suitable for all eye shapes & skin types but can be modified. Makes blue eyes pop!

This is amaze-balls!

Nowadays we use a a technique called water marbling to create Swirl nail art. It involves swirling together different colored nail polishes on nails.