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Its Time A Different Voice Was Heard

She’s a triple threat. Donna is not just a fabulous female emcee, but she’s also a super talented singer, who sings in many languages, amazing audiences wherever she goes.

From the frozen tundra of northern Quebec to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and everywhere in between, the Pulse Factor crew searches for big-game that gets the blood boiling and the heart racing. Follow along with the crew as they hunt everything from elk, whitetail, mule deer, and axis deer, to black bears, hogs and more! Tune in to the Pursuit Channel (Direct TV Channel 604/DISH channel 240) and get ready for the rush!

God Bless America has a pair of “heroes” that most people could almost sympathize with. One is a man who has had enough with everyone regurgitating everything they hear about on reality shows, sports, and gossip programs and just wants the world to be a nicer place, while the other is a young lady who is sick of her mundane, everyday life and wants something new and exciting to happen to pull her out of it. These sound like common positions, right?

Can you remember when all your thoughts were about FUN things? Like going to a friends house or going out to PLAY? Remember when the only thing of importance was whatever was FUN in the moment for you to do?

13 Witches: Behind the Scene Episode # 10 13 Sisters who use to practice paganism, centuries ago (1700's) were wrongfully accused of being witches. They were punished, tortured, and burnt alive by their love ones. They are reincarnated into present day in a different form and must have their revenge...Sexy and dark, with comedic timing.

FAILS WORLD - Delivery Truck Backup Fail