Sempervivums...looks just like a crocheted blanket!

Sempervivum Plant - Calcareum A pretty alpine plant. Spreading mats of fleshy rosettes. Amongst the easiest of plants to grow, they will tolerate heat, drought and neglect and still manage to thrive! Looks like a crocheted blanket

flowering gum

Eucalyptus Macrocarpa - Rose of the West, a favourite, hardy, bird-friendly Australian native species aka red flowering gum.

Tropaeolum aff. deckerianum, by PenduSeb - 2670m, via Flickr

Tropaeolum tricolor a. Native to Chile where it is called soldadito rojo and relicario.

Giant Sea Holly: "Miss Whilmot's Ghost".

Giant Sea Holly flowers Eryngium Giganteum 'Silver Ghost' * Perennial, grows in poor soil, drought tolerant, full sun, tall.

Spiraling Mexican Cactus — at Photo by Simona Carizzolo.

Fractal spiral/symmetry in nature - Spiraling Mexican Cactus — at Photo by…

Daffodil Pink Charm. White flowers with wide cups that look as though they were dipped in apricot nectar. Pink Charm is a great naturalizer. It's also very adaptable: It grows well almost everywhere and is the best pink cup daffodil for the Deep South. 18" Height, Full Sun, Zones 3-8, Naturalizing, Early Season

Daffodil Pink Charm Pink Charm can be naturalized. It grows well almost everywhere. It is the best pink cup daffodil for the Deep South. Reaches Ht, Needs Full Sun, Zones

Magic dogwood - Messico.

I so need to plant some cornus trees this is awesome.'Magic Dogwood' - Cornus florida subspecies urbiniana - is a rare Mexican version of the common American Dogwood tree.