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Industrial Microprocessor Based Convection Batch Ovens Manufacturers
WEIBER Convection batch ovens are designed to produce equilibrium temperature in the convection zone not far above the parts target temperature. These are extensively used in variety of applications such as baking, curing, drying, finishing, melting, pre heating and many more. Convection heat occurs when air passes over an object and this kind of heating requires contact of the airflow with the solid parts.
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Lab vacuum ovens can be used for process drying under vacuum or standard atmospheric conditions. In this kind of ovens, the thermal process occur in an air tight chamber where a desired level of vacuum has been applied using an external vacuum pump. Vacuum ovens can also help in prevention of surface reactions such as oxidation, decontaminating samples. These are incorporated with the latest and the most developed technology, provided with international safety standards.
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Weiber offer an assortment of quality range of microprocessor based vertical Laminar Air Flows. They provide their usefulness for activities like filtering the air and eradicating the unhealthy particulates; thus completely developing a healthy air flow. We have also installed advanced & reliable Filter & Powerful blower module which provide filtered air across the work surface. Weiber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Vertical Laminar Air Flow Station.
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Weiber offers supreme quality vertical laminar air flow bench with bottom stand arrangement. We manufacture a qualitatively superior range of automatic & portable industrial modules that have been designed in accordance with the needs of our client. Our CE marked units are designed to ensure foster worker comfort, convenience and productivity.
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The stainless steel Laminar Air Flow provides clean workspace bathed in high efficiency perfect air which is free from any kind of particulate contamination or impurities. The advanced & mobile laminar flows are constructed from polypropylene material and the entire workspace is sterilized with the help of UV-C germicidal lamp. Moreover they are perfect for critical application and manipulations and are available in various sizes and finishes.
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Weiber horizontal laminar flow workstations are designed to protect the product within the work area from airborne particulates in the ambient air. The regulated efflux of custom made laminar airflow supplies the work zone with ISO Class 3 air cleanliness to offer the best product production by a clean bench in the industry. Weiber is a manufacturer, supplier, exporters and distributor of supreme quality horizontal laminar air flow.
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Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Bench Top (ACM-915HT) Weiber manufactures supreme quality horizontal laminar air flow cabinets with bottom stand arrangement in different design configurations and materials of construction to meet your exact requirements. All of our NABL certified Work Stations feature HEPA or ULPA Fan filter units, recessed lights, clear acrylic side panels to contain the airflow and adjustable solid state airflow control.
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Laminar air flow creates an aseptic environment for variety of applications. These CE marked equipments are used by various scientists and research organizations to purify the quality of air. Even the smallest amount of contamination can impact the experiments, therefore to avoid contamination laminar air flow is used.
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WEIBER Emergency Shower Emergency shower are equipments that are designed to remove contamination from personnel prior to entering a clean room and are available in both standard and customized models. These provides on-the-spot decontamination. Weiber is a leading manufacturers and exporters of both standard and customized polypropylene emergency shower. All chemistry laboratories require emergency shower facility. These Emergency Shower Decontamination Booth features.
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WEIBER Fume Hood Ceiling Fume hood ceiling are designed considering most efficient air flow to the suction. These equipments are supplied in double skin arrangement with inner lining that is made of non corrosive heat resistant plastic and the outer skin is made out of power coated CRC.
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WEIBER Fume Hood Duct Less Duct less fume hoods provide protection to both laboratory personnel and the environment from toxic fumes. Ductless fume hoods are considered as independent systems that do not require connection to the extraction systems. Ducted laboratory fume hood from Weiber protect the operator from toxins via a revolutionary gas phase bonded-carbon filter.
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WEIBER Mobile Fume Extractor Weiber Laboratory fume hoods are widely used for removing smoke, fumes, mist, and fine powder. Mobile fume hood extractor is primarily designed for various pharmaceutical laboratories, various research and development industries and light duty industry. These CE marked equipments are extremely durable, reliable and easy to operate. Weiber is counted amongst the leading manufacturers and supplier of mobile welding fume extraction system in India.
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