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Great reminder. ... also goes for choosing the family that's always been there for you in times of need and struggle, whether you can see it now or not... you can work later, you can see your bf later.. you don't know how long some family will be around.

forget it but I cant I was a big part of my life and yet I will all to soon be washed away , how cant u do that so easily . regardless it must happen it would only become unfair either which away ,but now it feels so painful for it to be gone so quickly .

NB Wildflowers ~ why wildflowers you ask? They take me back to my childhood ~ walking through the fields at my grandparents farm, the place where my Dad was born and raised. This is for my nieces ~ stories of the past and present and everyday life.

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... as you put people on the back burner for your own selfishness; and also laugh at your live-in boyfriend and his parents when all they wanted to do was give condolences; and to eagerly want a girl's night out to watch in four days after your wedding.

There was a time when I wouldn't have believed this. But the older I get and the more of life I experience, the more I realize that God doesn't fit into a box or my perfectly organized little plan. Breathe, trust, + let go? That's how God works sometimes.