love all the earrings.

I wish my ear could handle all the piercings! I love this look. And I want the turtle earring.


I can't get another piercing in my ear bug I love this ring. If I could get it for my Tragus I totally would


Lace Allure Silver Filigree Ear Cuff by RavynEdge on Etsy - This cuff will give you elf ears :P

love them all.

Feather Ear Cuff in Silver by Jujubeads Jewelry-- i dont really know why, never really had a thing for feathers. but wow i love this

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I already have the tragus and cartilage but I loovvveee this.

Triple Helix Piercing (left ear) I LOVE this! I want it.


I've always wanted a row of ear piercings. I've gotten a cartilage piercing before but it closed. When I pierce my ears it takes about a year to heal making it very difficult, but I hope to have many cartilage piercings one day!

Cartledge piercing !

"what not to do, piercings should be limited to one small stud in each ear. I think there should be 5 in each ear. I will not stop until I have my forward helix and additional cartilage piercings done.

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The only piercings I have are my ears and belly. Tragus next! Then a couple more in my ears and that's it.

pretty x) a few too many piercings for me though

I really want to get as many piercings as i can in my ears! Im obsessed with ear piercings!

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I need to get my cartilage piercing on my right ear re-done. And then I want to get 2 more lobe piercings and get one of these earings with the chains.


I love these earrings! The elephant, the turtle, the star, and the moon and star. Cute and fun, but still simple to wear in multiple piercings