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Towards the Sun on Behance

Collection of beautiful digital art and CGI work created and shared by Aeforia inspired by nature, space, geometry and distorted perspectives.

Great idea for printed graphic design portfolio. The color pops on the recycled cardstock. The table of contents is genius because it guides the reader through your work.

Process Manual Volume on Behance. I really like the materials - hope to do something like this if I can find the right client! What if my "leave behind" was a booklet showing my process?

Locandina, tratta da pinterest, realizzata su cartoncino. Linee geometriche e colori neutri trasmettono una sensazione di ordine, che rendono l’immagine chiara e inerente al significato che si vuole trasmettere.

The cut of the words tells me a message of separation, yet the words (Graphic Dialogue) tell another story of bringing it all together. The cut text is really cool looking and gives a clear message. Well made poster and good use of space.