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layered nonalcoholic red, white, and blue fourth of july drink - sobe pina colada, gatorade fruit punch, and blueberry-pomegranate. the different sugar content will create the layers.

Fizz Drinks

FIZZ Blender Drinks - These FIZZ drinks not only look adorable in the mason jars, but also refreshing! They are guiltless and lo cal. You even attach the mason jars to your blender to individually blend the drinks.

Make-Ahead Frozen Fruit Daiquiris

Frozen Fruit Daiquiris

Make-Ahead Frozen Fruit Daiquiris (will just make virgin strawberry ones). Blended, frozen in mason jars, ready to serve. Loaded with fruit & bursting with flavor. Great for parties & picnics!

farmers market margarita (99 calories)

Best Low-Cal Summer Cocktails

Farmers Market Margarita 164 calories Ingredients: 1 ounces Corzo Silver 2 sprigs cilantro 2 slices cucumber 2 slices jalapeno 1 ounce fresh lime juice 2 ounces distilled water 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon sugar 1 lime wheel, for garnish

Limeade; of the raspberry flavor- those who choose not to indulge in dranks can still enjoy the drinks!

Raspberry Limeade

Raspberry Limeade (switch out lime juice with lemon juice to make Raspberry Lemonade)

Cool, Refreshing Drinks | Raspberry Beer Cocktail |

Cool, Refreshing Summer Drinks

For those hot summer weddings a Light Cava Sangria Serves 4 ~ Ingredients ~ 8 Large Mint Leaves 1 Bottle Cava Sparkling wine, Chilled Cup White Grape Juice, Chilled Cup Sliced Fresh Strawberries Cup Orange Liqueur Fresh Sugar Cane Sticks – Garnish

Mild-eyed Margarita (non-alcoholic) from   								This recipe came from MADD Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks

eyed Margarita (non-alcoholic)

Alcohol Free - Mild-Eyed Margarita (non-alcoholic) Recipe orig. 2 cups lemon soda or 2 cups carbonated lemon-lime beverage 2 tablespoons sugar fresh lime juice salt crushed ice

frozen summer drinks...slushy watermelon mojitos...yes please!

Slushy Watermelon Mojitos Recipe ~~~ The classic Cuban mojito cocktail is the inspiration for this ruby-hued watermelon version. Be sure to keep the limeade frozen so the beverage will be slushy.

Two tart, refreshing fruits collide in this delightful drink: Cranberry Kiwi Martini. #martini #cranberry #kiwi #food #drinks #cocktails

Two tart, refreshing fruits collide in this delightful drink: Cranberry Kiwi Martini

one of my favorite drinks ever

Throwing a summer party is a proposition unto itself. To assist in accomplishing the goal, I turn to friends like Katie Lee who was born with an innate knack for cooking and entertaining.