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Here are samples of Ramadan crafts, tutorials, and other Arab and Islamic projects you'll find on ACraftyArab.com. The website was moved from blogger to wordpress in May 2016, please report any broken links to ACraftyArab at gmail dot com. Shukran and enjoy.
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ACraftyArab Pistachio Truffles {Recipe}. My daughter created this pistachio truffle tutorial to share today as I’ve been out of town taking care of family. She took all the photos and told me the steps to share with you. She choose to use pistachio as her nut because we consume a lot of it at home. I grew up …

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ACraftyArab: Arab World Rocks Tutorial. Yesterday was a snow day in our town so the girls were home from school. We have been talking a lot about the Arab world lately so I decided to take advantage of the day and teach my girls about all the flags. Since the car wasn’t getting out of the garage, we couldn’t …

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A Crafty Arab: Recycled Zakāt Box {Tutorial}. Last year, we made a Zakāt box out of a blank wood box. We used the box to collect donations throughout Ramadan. At the end of the month, we donate to our favorite charity. We decided this year to go green and make a recycle box out of materials we already had: we used a …

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A Crafty Arab: Arabic Merry Christmas Ornament Tutorial. Arab Christians have been a part of American history for generations. The first Arabs to arrive as immigrants to the United States were Christian who came as early as the mid-18th century. Christian families in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) felt that integration into American culture and society may be easier because …

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ACraftyArab: Arabic Letter Window Ornament Tutorial. Once I finished my cup yesterday and took it out of the oven later, the kids were jealous that I did a craft without them. Since I had picked up a few more porcelain items from our local Dollar Tree, this afternoon I let them each make the first letters of their names into ornaments to hang …

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ACraftyArab American Muslim Ban Country Activities. Last Friday, the president of the United States issued an executive order to place a travel ban on Muslims entering from 7 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA): Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Some have argued that the ban is against all travelers and not only Muslims, however the …

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CraftyArab Crescent Moon Magnet Tutorial. These little magnets are so much fun to make and give out as gifts. We made a green felt moon with a yellow felt star, but it might be cool to make them in all kinds of different colours. I used white embroidery thread, because I wanted …

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5 Ways to Say I Love You in Arabic

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A Crafty Arab: Kaab’a Paper Clip Bookmark {Tutorial}. Today’s craft was a felt Kaab’a paper clip bookmark. It does require a little bit of sewing, but still a very easy craft to make. According to Wikipedia, the Kaab’a is The Kaab’a (Arabic: الكعبة‎‎), also referred as Al Kaab’a Al Musharrafah (The Holy Kaab’a), is a building at the center of Islam’s most sacred …

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ACraftyArab Personalized Arabic String Art Tutorial. I am so excited my brother is finally engaged. He has met and fallen in love with a Moroccan gal and proposed a few weeks ago. I am currently visiting him and decided to make him an engagement present using supplies he had around his home. I used this previous tutorial, Arabic Initial String …

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