26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks...I'll be able to try more as my hair grows longer :)

26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks

The Freckled Fox : Festival Hair Week: Bohemian Gypsy Style. Yep. Every time I try this, though, it looks even rattler. And not in a cool way.

The Freckled Fox : Festival Hair Week: Bohemian Gypsy Style [faux dreads for that boho hippie summer style I love so much]

DIY Braided Faux Hawk Updo Tutorial love thiss!

Braided Updo Hair Styles Tutorial: Faux Hawk Updos

Why Should You Get a Headband Bandana? read more..

Why Should You Get a Headband Bandana?

Your eyebrows can make or break your face. You DO need them. Don't wax until they're gone. The more sparce and lighter your eyebrows are, the older you look. Dark, shaped eyebrows actually give a polished, young look to the face. PS I love her hair!

The top left one is dumb as rocks, but the rest are pretty cute.

Gypsy Inspired Headwraps head scarves, scarf worn on the head with style

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Beachy Dreads ♥-- what I imagine mine looking like when I get them!

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generally not a fan of dreads but every once in a while I'll admit when they are awesome, this is one....

so. silver dreads CAN be done. :) (thought I'd have to change my silver hair.

I've always secretly wanted dreads, I wish I had the guts to do this.

feathers, dreads and add-ins, GORGEOUS! I love this hair- and if it werent for the teaching thing, I would so so try this!

LIKE the hair. I want.

bohemian dreadlocks I like her dreads.i feel like i could pull them off sometimes as i have hair in the back that naturally dread themselves haha.

One day while walking in the mast forests of GreyLock, high above a mountain, you notice my character, the first with the striking red hair sitting perched peacefully on top of a sturdy boulder, her eyes closed, sitting completely still. What will your character do? Do they say hi? Do they stay and watch her?

I love dreads, when they suit to someone. like this girl here. I once had even an idea of forest green dreads. but no :D


Flower Maiden Custom Order Tie-Dye Multi Color Wool Dreads with X-Cross Wrap & Beads Bohemian Hippie Dreadlocks Synthetic Boho Extensions. via Etsy.

Looks like these could be temp dreadies but I like the free ends

These dreads are whats making me want to get them so badly. So hippie boho