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    Art Therapy Resources

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    Psychology Today "...artistic creativity is primarily a force of health and well-being rather than a mirror of dysfunction, pathology or disorder. Although the field of art therapy is partially based on seeking diagnostic information from the content of art expressions, in contrast my worldview as a practitioner focuses on facilitating individuals’ creative exploration and artistic self-expression to find both the “pleasant life” as well as the “meaningful life.” ©2015 Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

    The Art Therapy + Happiness Project

    brene brown art journaling | Permission slips have been written and my heart is full and my spirit ...

    10 Easy Art Therapy Techniques To Help You De-Stress

    Self care for anxiety and depression

    Brain Maintenance Program, Healing From Depression

    Future Art Therapists practicing the DDS Diagnoistic Drawing Series in Assessments at Southwestern College, Santa Fe.

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    What art therapists know about making art with kids that the rest of us don't. These tips are easy to implement—the hard part is knowing what to do. Here's your cheat sheet.

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    100 Art Therapy Exercises - The Updated and Improved List - The Art of Healing Psyche and Soul

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    Creative Self-Care: making coping cards copingcardcanoe

    Creative Self-Care |

    The Art of Healing : The idea of art as medicine dates back to antiquity, but recently the concept is drawing increasing interest from the medical and science communities.

    The Art of Healing |

    Art Therapy Blog Index | Art Therapy Bloggers

    Art Therapy Blog Index

    Art therapy blogs

    Top 50 Art Therapy Blogs - Expressive Art Inspirations

    Colleen O’Rollins is a trained art therapist in Seattle. She integrates creative, hands-on techniques into sessions with families, individuals of all ages, and couples. Colleen uses cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness, narrative therapy and more.

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    6 Art Exercises To Help Boost Self-Esteem (From A Professional Art Therapist): New York-based Creative Arts Therapist Mallory Denison says art can be therapeutic in helping people to become more compassionate with themselves, and ultimately with others.

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    ▶ Foundations of Art Therapy Class at Naropa University [VIDEO] :: Dr. Michael Franklin leads an art exercise on the first day of the fall semester of the Foundations of Art Therapy class at Naropa University.

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    Art Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment FREE e-book

    Art Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment

    Doctor of Philosophy in Art Therapy: Notre Dame de Namur is offering a Ph.D. in Art Therapy, building on the strong foundation of the Art Therapy Master’s Program in Belmont, California.

    Ph.D. in Art Therapy | NDNU

    MHC’s art therapy program | Initiated about a year ago, the art therapy program, located at the Marana Health Center’s new Counseling and Wellness Center, is designed to give a creative outlet to adolescents facing depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, family crisis, and other issues.

    MHC’s art therapy program

    Commonly used art supplies and media in your art therapy work or internship

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    Via Natalie Wallace: 'Today in my art therapy course we made pocket shrines. What is a pocket shrine you ask? It is a personal space in which to reflect what is important to you. All art making is healing, because we move into the moment, become more aware and our brain waves shift and we move into a deeper, healing awareness. Art therapists call this approach Art As Therapy, not necessarily art therapy. - Caterina Simply put, art is Medicine.' - Annet: use art as biz medicin3

    Pocket Shrine - Creative, Sacred, Living

    Healing Dolls as Therapeutic Art Therapy Intervention

    Healing Dolls as therapeutic Art Therapy intervention

    Guided Imagery in Art Therapy. Good demonstration of the difference between Art Therapists doing Art Therapy and Recreation Therapists who do Therapeutic Art.

    "Guided Imagery" Art as Therapy Project

    Art Affects is a virtual space where inspirations, expressions, and creations are shared related to art therapy and more by Missouri Art Therapist Nannie Mead:

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    100 Art Therapy Exercises - The Updated and Improved List - The Art of Healing Psyche and Soul THIS IS BRILLIANT

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    Art to heal and make whole again

    Art to heal and make whole again | The Sunday Times Sri Lanka

    Great resources for art therapists and art therapy students including information on art therapy prompts.

    Art Therapy Resources

    The single largest team of art therapists come together in Connecticut for The Art Connection Studio

    Artists Thrive at Therapeutic Hartford Studio