Painted frames, cardboard letters, and scrapbook paper!

Brightly painted frames, cardboard letters and loud scrapbook paper. (or, wooden frames, cardboard letters and muted scrapbook paper, which is what I was actually planning to do on the nursery wall once the baby comes and I know initials!

bow sandal

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classroom organization...teacher wall, making one this summer

Organize your life on campus with this DIY college dorm decor idea. Chevron paper + pinning board + calendar + white board for quick notes and reminders. Get more DIY dorm room ideas.

too cute!

Amigurumi Teddy Ornaments

Amigurumi Teddy Ornaments Add a touch of cuteness and craftiness to your tree this Christmas with my series of crocheted teddy ornaments! Free pattern available!

Finally something better to do with my textbooks...

Christmas tree made from hard back books! Don't donate your old books before Christmas! Use them to create the perfect tree! A book lovers perfect Christmas!

kitty suhsi

sushi for dinner - - Really great meals as well as very skilled cook. sushi for dinner

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Sushi is great, but Hello Kitty sushi is freakin epic!

Funny pictures about Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls. Oh, and cool pics about Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls. Also, Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls.

Get a picture frame, glue a letter to the glass, then you can change out the paper behind the glass to suit your mood!

Fabric or scrapbook paper for a background with a painted initial in an open frame. A different shaped white frame for each initial of her monogram?

Awesome Ideas for DIY Family Command Centers (so, who is in charge today?)

Awesome DIY Family Command Centers

Good wall space for family command center. Must have space for backpacks, computer, and desk/project table, too.

I love this! If I had a mother load of money, I'd buy something like this as a party house for my daughter.

Have you ever think about how to make your house special? Do you want to live in a house with special design? If you say "YES!" , here's the most funny houses in the world.

Easy to make...

Cute idea for kids bedroom door (using modge podge / craft paper / wood letter / printed letters / ribbon

Use Elmers glue to draw the design. Paint over it. Add a glaze. You can buy the large, cardboard letters at JoAnnes. LOVE THIS!!

Use Elmer's glue or hot glue gun to draw the design. Paint over it. Add a glaze. You can buy the large, cardboard letters at JoAnne's Michaels or Hobby Lobby

Fabric on canvas with wooden letters. I think even I could do this...

Fabric on canvas with wooden letters. Good idea for baby room,. instead of covering canvases in fabric, cover an old picture frame in fabric and add letter

Millions of different ways to do framed letters/initials! LOVE IT BUT WITH "E"

Please keep your idea switch on and the creative thoughts flowing! Scrapbook paper and wooden letters-super easy…i see xmas gifts @ Do It Yourself Remodeling Ideas

Our Grandbabies - Hand Painted Christmas Ornament===Okay, to do all of our grandkids, I need mini snowmen or about 3 of these ornaments.  Or maybe I need one for each family!!  I am a blessed grandma!!

Our Grandbabies - Hand Painted Christmas Ornament (holds up to 6 snowmen)