Paradise for birds.

one of many.around the world.of the famous "Bird house Tree's".i wanted to pin this.for one reason.the display of color.never 2 colors side by side.and a facinating display.also working birdhouse's.

mason jars mason jars

Mason Jar Silverware Holders: I would paint the jars and then put them all in a rustic crate.

Like SpongeBob? The Happy Rizzi House - Braunschweig, Germany

Happy Rizzi House”, an office building designed by Rizzi in Braunschweig, Germany. It was built in 2001 by German architect Konrad Kloster and designer James Rizzi. Happy Rizzi House can [.

Chewing gum Art - by Ben Wilson

painting made on discarded chewing gum by artist Ben Wilson is seen on the Millennium Bridge in London